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Home to upwards of 20o Bald Eagles, Lake Reelfoot has largest population of wintering eagles in the United States.

the location

Lake Reelfoot, located off of the Mississippi River, is home to hundreds of Bald Eagles. It is in the Northwest Corner of Tennessee and was created by a series earthquakes in 1811-1812. Lake Reelfoot is covered by Bald Cypress trees, making it a prime location for migratory birds in the winter time. These birds are preyed on by the eagles.

the details

The true beauty of Lake Reelfoot can be seen during an eagle tour. The Lake is over 200 centuries old and a waterfowl haven. There are over 100 nesting pairs of Bald Eagles that can be seen during the tour. Eagles aren't the only thing to look out for either. The lake is crawling with different types of wildlife waiting to be seen from the safety of the boat.


  • Third generation guide

  • 20 years of touring experience

  • On the lake year around to follow the migration

  • Pre-Scouts the lake to find the best areas for viewing

  • Awesome and safe¬†journey

Eagle on a perchEagle in a nestEagle flying away

Eagle Tours

REelfoot lake (tiptonville, tn)


The Reelfoot Lake area is well-known for the annual winter migration of both ducks and geese. Located in the prime area of the Mississippi flyway, This migration makes the lake prime hunting and nesting ground for over 100 pairs of Bald Eagles each year.